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  1. eps 97-102
  2. Entre el amor y el odio ep 001-005
  3. m0ck

    descarga Reglas del foro

    Yes, they also ahould allow only direct links and prohibid all kinds of shorteners/affiliates links like those that @irma uses all the time.
  4. Are you sure that Bella Calamidades ep 76 is in 1080p not 720p? Can you confirm?
  5. eps 94-96
  6. I don't think so. They censor or buy already censored versions (not the international ones). I always give the example of Sin tu mirada. For instance. Episode 5 "drinking scene" is cut. Episode 34 "rape scene" is censored. More than 10 minutes are cut off. This has nothing to do with curtains. The funny thing is that those scenes aren't vulgar or graphic. I don't understand why they censor them. Novelas aren't porn or R rated videos.
  7. Buy premium account or use a debrid generator. 1fichier is better than mega or GD.
  8. Bella Calamidades episode 76 1080p or 720p? Please confirm.
  9. ep 84-93
  10. Sorry, I don't feel the need to respond to stupid comments like yours. I suggest you stop watching Netflix and stop going to the cinema and watch only latino shows.
  11. Univision offers only 720p besides their versions of novelas suck. Lots of cuts, censorship, different editing etc. I don't recommend it. Univision now offers a free trial if I'm not mistaken so check it by yourself.
  12. Caracoplay uses Youtube to host videos. You can easily download them. What's the problem?
  13. m0ck

    descarga Que Bonito Amor HD

    Que Bonito Amor HD
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