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  1. Llena de Amor 1080p? Can you show the first episode?
  2. Exactly, ppl should come together and complain about it. It seems like nobody cares. Sin tu mirada is a great example to start with. For instance ep 34 more that 10 minutes cut. Easy to compare with Univision version or version aired in other countries. They're all the same but Atresplayer put a censored version.
  3. m0ck

    Gata salvaje

    How many episodes does this novela have?
  4. m0ck

    Gata salvaje

    Yes, it works like YouTube. After you upload videos, the site converts it using its own parameters and in result the quality changes. It doesn't have to a big difference but the video before and after upload are not the same.
  5. m0ck

    Gata salvaje

    Thanks. Can you provide mirror links? reencodes video and therefore changes quality.
  6. m0ck

    descarga María la del barrio

    I posted all episodes. Links expired.
  7. marte28 can you put the whole novela in 1080p to 1fichier once all episodes are fixed? The problem with 1080p quality missing in some episodes is VERY frequent at Atresplayer. I have written to them MANY times regarding this issue and they would fix it. But recently they are very slow to respond and fix problems probably because of the virus situation.
  8. m0ck

    descarga Gitanas

    Anyone happens to have Gitanas in decent quality?
  9. The site looks very poor. There are only 3 incomplete novelas available. Also you should provide directs links to episodes (mega, 1fichier, uptobox etc) instead of online viewing.
  10. For me all of the above don't help much, maybe just a little bit. I'll repeat. If someone wants to download a complete novela at once from your links, unfortunately the whole proccess is not user friendly at all. That equals with clicking bazillion times, opening and closing hundreds of additional tabs etc. That's the way it is but I appreciate your contribution ofc.
  11. m0ck

    descarga DAMA Y OBRERO - 1080

    Thanks for 1f links. I hope Telemundo now will add Tierra de Reyes without logo as well.
  12. I can't access ep 10, 11, 12 etc. DON'T use cpmlink. Please fix it.
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