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  1. m0ck

    descarga ACORTADOR ADF.LY

    This forum give up using ALL kinds of shorteners. They're nothing but a pain in the ass. It's enought to put links in *code or *spoiler Who came up with this stupid idea to use adflys etc?
  2. Thanks. Is it from mitele? Some episodes have very low quality, looks like youtube or sth.
  3. Thank you, I will wait.
  4. Anyone? @Alberto Mota Didn't you upload some series from mitele or am I mistaken?
  5. I'm looking form El pañuelo rojo in 1080p. If sb has an account on mitele, please get this series. It's here:
  6. Where is it from? Netflix or what?
  7. AWESOME thread. Thx so much for the hard work!
  8. Doesn't work for me. Sth is wrong with
  9. Thanks. I have a question. Why don't the episodes have the ending credits? They are cut after a few seconds? I'm looking for a complete episode no 44.
  10. But why 480p not 960p? It seems like you all use the same method to download vids from BLIM. It's good but only for 16:9 videos. When a video is 4:3 it will download 480p but there are 960p versions too. 960p is much better for 4:3 than 480p.
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